YHC awoke to another unseasonably warm morning, which he did not complain about. Fartsack was feeling mighty good but he forced himself up anyhow. Last few Prometheus Rucks produced a pretty meek crowd of 2-3 and YHC was hoping for a better turnout this morning. Pulled up to find RuPaul already waiting, Laettner rolled up next followed by the Gris, Lunchbox and a hot Spam….whoa we doubled our 3 to 6.

5 min/1min, mission given, disclaimer forgotten.

Rucked to the big parking lot for


Squats (Q almost forgot how to count here) x 25 (x2)

Air press x 25 (x2)

The Thang

Rucked the Tideland Trail throwing in some Lt. Dans on a 200′ bridge along the way. The 2nd F was strong this balmy December morning, and YHC loves the opportunity to get some exercise in while still being able to learn about his fellow PAX. Always nice to know there are others going through life in a similar fashion.

Stopped at end of trail picnic tables for

Step ups x 25 (2x)

Erkins x 25 (2x)

Dips x 20 (2x)

Derkins x 10 (2x)

continued Ruck and with 2 minutes to spare arrived at trucks but continued on VFW rd and hit a little over 3 mi.

Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT

Laettner as he visits his old parish for the funeral of a 9 year old little boy that passed from cancer (give your 2.0’s a big hug when you get home from work this evening, we are all blessed each day we get to see them, even when they’re little shits.) Snookie’s M, Lunchbox Procedure next week, RuPaul as his family navigates the adoption process. Rupaul will be standing in for lunchbox at Prometheus next week, Christmas party’s are coming, get those HC’s in. Laettner led us out in prayer.


Enjoyed every minute of this morning, it makes it more fun when you have a real PAX with you. The eastern crowd started with a group of guys that pretty much already knew each other and had friendly relationships prior to F3. The western crowd is unique because most of us didn’t know each other from Adam prior to meeting in the Gloom. The easterners gave it away and regardless of prior relations, we have found some common bonds and formed relationships that really can only exist in the Gloom. It’s a special bunch and was an honor to lead you men…as we departed I almost ran over a guy running by himself in the dark and thought “what a boring and miserable way to workout.”….still waiting for couch potato to show up to a Ruck. SYITG


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