On a gloomy Monday, 14 HIM gathered to get better.  Hard Start 0530 on the dot.  After a perfectly executed mission statement, PAX moseyed a short distance for some Warmarama. SSH, Good Morning, Michael Phelps, then mosey to some picnic tables.  At the tables we, in perfect synchronization, performed alternating leg step ups IC.  After turning for some air presses we practiced sitting and standing while the giant Ron Burgundy monster tried to crush the bench with his hind quarters.  He failed but we kept him around anyway.  More step ups and good mornings.  Mosey to the pull-up bars.


PAX lead leg and core circuit while one PAX completes AMRAP pull-ups then AMRAP ring rows.  PAX completes the pulls then leads the next exercise.
Prisoner get-ups, LBC, Squat, Heels to Heaven, Alt Leg Lunges, CC Plank, Tempo Squat, Australian Snow Angels, Jump Not Rope, and Leg raises.  After all PAX made it to the bars twice, we divided ourselves into two groups of four and two groups of 3 for


Two rounds- Winner Lieutenant Dans out and back, looser plank or SSH

mosey to shovel flag for 3 minutes of Mary-  hard stop right on time

Notes from the gloom:

ring straps move a lot on wet bars, tug o war is hard on wet grass, and Ron Burgundy is more fit than he thinks

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