• When: 10/07/19
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: FrankNBeans
  • PAX: Maytag, Purplerain, Couchpotato, Laetner, Pillbox, Cheech, MeMe, Bedsore, Softwood, Burnout, Ponch
  • AO: Emerald Isle, Green Mile

The Greatest Green Mile saw a compilation of the Greatest runners this side of Carteret County! A brief introduction to diaphragmatic breathing was given as a basis of all form focused running. Form, Training and Breathing make up the foundation for long distance (and these days it’s all long distance) running. By slowing the breathing and increasing the volume, the ph level in the bloodstream stabilizes allowing you to think clearly and run efficiently. BREATH RIGHT & RUN FARTHER!

Pax paired up to run a friendly fartlek. this is a training run aimed at keeping things interesting, while maintaining good form and decreasing injury. runners called out Farlek, the other called out a percentage, and both runners ran at that increased percentage until the other runner called Fartlek to slow the group to 50% effort. Distance and effort varied for the 45 minute run.

The session ended with H20, G2, and even some fruit. Hopefully the group saw the benefits to varying pace, proper form, and improved breathing.

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