It was a damp (moist) workout building a brick wall and tearing it back down as a team.    16 pax showed up to try out a Blart workout thinking it would be no running (1.78 miles) and easy (old fat man).   They were right on both accounts.   We covered just enough distance and worked out enough to cover the full hour.  As I stated during the workout several times, it is what you make of it…………  OYO’s were had during the wall building, if you didn’t get a good workout that is on you this time, YHC provided the opportunity to push yourself, if you didn’t you cheated yourself.  The pax didn’t like the wall so they knocked it down post haste, but we returned to rebuild it before taking a short mosey.  After a few exercises the pax returned to the scene of the crime and tore down the wall together as a team.  Each of us build walls in our life to protect ourselves or the ones we love.  It takes a team to tear those walls down and make things better.  The hardest part is letting that team in to help you tear down the wall holding you back.  Once you can open up enough to start the process it crumbles fast.  All YHC needs to say is reach out to the wall builder and become a team to break it down like a wrecking ball.

Peace out Blart

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