• When: 11/11/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: FrankNbeans
  • PAX: Cooter, Neuman, Denver, Griswold, Kiwi, Pastor C,
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hash Mark

In the gloom the group started a brief warmup focusing on core and upper body. Down dog, up dog, and planks ahead of dive bomber merkins, diamond merkins, and dry docks. We stayed in the prone to tax the arms and shoulders. A cleansing lap around the entrance circle was followed by dividing the group into two. While one group ran a lap to rt 24 and back, the other worked the core with LSF, world war I, hello dolly, Wojos, and other pax choice. After everyone called an exercise, we did a 7 of diamonds using the small entrance oval.  At each “corner” we did 7 Bobby Hurley x4, then 14 Sumo Squats x4, 21 copper head squats x4, and 28 lunges x4. A jail break to 24 and back to the flag where we did a round of Mary and one final jail break. The workout was designed to work upper body then core then legs.


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