• When: 07/11/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Aflac, Doogie (Respect), Shroom, Wolverine (Respect)
  • AO: Carterican Court, Rotary Park

YHC arrived at Rotary Park a few minutes early to recon the AO and place some cones on the soccer field.  I knew the crowd would be light since the Madoff (the site Q) had already given notice that his advanced age was catching up to him and the rumatiz in his back was acting up and Okinawa was the Q at the Swashbuckler (Oki always draw a big crowd, everybody wants the see those Monkey Humpers.  I don’t blame anyone, they are a sight to behold).  However even with those odds stacked against me, 4 HIMs began to gather.  Next thing you know it was Hard Start and after a nearly perfect rendition of the mission statement (the Russian judge gave me a 9.8) we were off.


We moseyed to the basketball court where someone had left a basketball.  Not to worry Pax, I’ve seen how anything involving a basketball goes in an F3 workout (it ain’t pretty) and we wouldn’t be using it.  We circled up for:

  • Side Straddle Hops X 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers X 15 IC
  • Sun Gods x 10 IC Forward and Reverse
  • Windmills X 15 IC
  • Right over Left / Left over Right

Then we made the short mosey across the parking lot to the soccer field and started.


  • Doracides with 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats. Teams of 2 Pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals.  Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 does suicides (doing 1 burpee at Cone 1, 2 Burpees at Cone 2, and 3 Burpees at Cone 3) then switches with partner.  PAX 2 picks up where PAX 1 left off.
  • Merkin Half-Mile. Pax moseyed around the soccer field, making 5 stops to do 10 Merkins at each stop.
  • Parking Space Snakes. The Pax sprint the length of 2 parking spaces, side shuffle the width of the space, then back-peddle the length of the 2 spaces.  Continue for the length of the parking lot.
  • Wall work. Balls to the Wall with each man giving a 10 count, followed by People’s Chair (10 count), then Chicken Peckers (10 count).  Repeat the sequence.
  • 7s across the upper soccer field.  Burpees and LBCs
  • Table Work. Step Ups X 15 IC each leg, Urkins X 15 SC, Derkins X 10 SC

Mosey back to the “flag”.


  • American Hammer X 15 IC
  • Hello Dolly X 15 IC
  • Protractor to the hard stop


Prayers were offered for Wolverine’s unspecified request, Little John, Poca, Gilligan and all the F3 M’s that are dealing with health issues.

The Carterican Court holds a special place in my heart and it was an honor and privilege to lead.

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