• When: 10/21/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Nippleshot, Rooney, Lemongello, Plunger, Pastor C, Pedro (Respect), Wilson (Respect), Gertrude (Respect), THE Second Mile, Kratom, Pooh, Puddles (Respect), Lassie, Au Jus, Bayliner, Reef Donkey, Deebo, Steamer, Wolverine (Respect), Pasqually
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Sanitary Parking Lot, Table Setter

Blustery 60° greeted clown car lite as it pulled into the true TS AO. With Nip gloved up and ready, YHC 3Fd, missioned & disclaimed before leading pax to former Bands HQ the cutting board in honor of Wilson.
Warmarama began with Seal Jacks, followed by CP, WM, IPP triumvirate. Sun gods, Hillbilly and forward hanging completed warmups with a few Burpees sprinkled in, one for a tardy Wolverine.
Count off 1,2,3 (harder than you’d think).
Round 1
Group 1 Picnic table Derkins
Group 2 Chain-Ups (Thank Griswold when you see him)
Group 3 2 short fountain laps
Round 2
Dips, Squats, 2 laps
Round 3
Booyah Merkins, Leg Throws, 2 laps
Round 4
Burpees, something else, 2 laps

Thing 2:
Line up across Evans at fountain. General Dan to second crosswalk. Lt Dan to truck parked on street
Run with Nip leading to East end of Evans and back to flag

LBC, LSF, Freddy Merc, American Twist

Christmas party 12/7 at Starling Marine
MCMS volleyball tryouts after school today
MCMS Donut fundraiser deliveries this week

Prayer Requests:
Lassie’s brother little John Jenkins
Steamer’s sister

Prayer offered by Lemongello imploring all men present to live their day to glorify Christ not self

YHC started in F3 4 years ago, lasting approximately 15 minutes into that first workout. I like to tell this story often not only for laughs, but to remind anyone listening F3 is for every man, and the F3 adage of not leaving any man where you found him is alive and well in Carterico.

I’ve Qd several workouts over the last couple weeks and am amazed EVERY TIME at the enthusiasm of the pax, how different workout goes from what is actually planned, and HOW MUCH I ENJOY IT EVERY TIME. If you find your spirit flagging, Q a workout. I guarantee it will recharge your F3 battery.

Madoff out

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