WHERE’S NAVY? When I found out he was a Marine at his FNG workout at the Green Mile, I immediately suggested that we name him “Navy”, knowing the offense that would be taken. He responded with something like, no way, that’s terrible, and then asked me, “what’s your F3 name anyway?”  When I told him, he agreed that “Navy” was nowhere near as bad as mine and stopped fussing about it. I was worried that he might not be coming back though. I do have a history of picking a name that caused someone to never return. Anyway, we are all very happy that he stuck with us and we are all the better for it. So my workout was designed specifically for our new Nantan, who, I am told, has never posted at the Dreadnought. As you will see below, it was 3.65 miles where the six was never left behind. It was also Nipple Shot friendly, but he was nowhere to be found either. Here is what they missed.

At 5:25 am, with no introduction (gotta get our miles in, Duck), we began a mosey to the front of the school, first stopping at Kiwi’s car as it slid to a stop from probably 60 mph across the parking lot. As we turned the corner, Second Mile drove into the parking lot, so we circled back and did 3 burpees before heading out again on a . . .


Stops in front of the school and across the street at Glad Tidings for SSHs 15 IC, CPs 10 IC, Potato Pickers 10 IC, Sun Gods 10 IC forward, 10 reverse & Merkin’s Dog.  We then moseyed to the west end parking lot of Glad Tidings for . . .


Monkey Humpers IC & LBCs IC

From there we fellowship moseyed to the track, partnering up along the way, for . . .


Catch Me If You Can w/5 merkins. Rather than counting laps, we went for exactly seven minutes. When time was called everyone went from wherever they were on the track to the east end zone to begin . . .


We didn’t have time to do the whole Michigan, so here were the numbers with a Jack Webb, starting with 4 plank jacks IC and 4 WWIs SC

100 yard dash, 100 yard dash back – 4 plank jacks IC & 4 WWIs SC

100 yard dash, 100 yard dash back, 8 & 8

50 yard dash, 50 yard dash back – 12 & 12

50 yard dash, 50 yard dash back – 16 & 16

25 yard dash, 25 yard dash back – 20 & . . . no WWIs. My back was starting to hurt, so instead we Omaha’d and did two more 100 yard dashes before returning to the flag for . . .


Stretches (YHC), X&Os (Bayliner), and some back injury causing exercise of Navy’s (Second Mile)


Please go ahead and get signed up for the Kraken. For the ruckers, Wilson and I will be finalizing that course today and will update the pax.

Rameses took us out in prayer. As always it was an honor to lead.



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