YHC agreed to his VQ during the COT yesterday morning. So much excitement and trepidation from that moment on, so many great Q’s to live up to, the pageantry, the exhilaration. YHC spent all afternoon at the AO scouting, planning, plotting so that he could live up to the likes of Cooter, Griswold, Couch Potato, Maytag, Pillbox…you know, all the greats from the Wild, Wild West. The moment arrives, 5 minute warning, 2 minute warning, 1 minute…….Annnnnnnd no one shows up except my 2.0’s who have to come or YHC won’t feed them. Is this the first time ever that the entire contingent of PAX have the same last name? Why does YHC suddenly feel as if we are in the Eastern end of Carterico? Shake it off Q, back to the mission.

Halfway through the mission statement (delivered flawlessly as far as anyone knows), the assembled PAX hear the screeching of tires and see Buttoncap doing his best impression of Richard Rawlings (coming in Fast N Loud) to make good on his HC. Get you some of that!

Fist bumps, introductions and disclaimers over, we mosey to the


  • Right over left, left over right
  • Cotton Pickers IC x25
  • Hillbillys IC x 25
  • SSH IC x 25

YHC then explained that the PAX would not need their rucks today as he had brought something else for them to carry. Since Gertrude gave this old Marine the F3 name “Navy” I thought it would be fitting to use my VQ to pay tribute to that most elite group of squids (the Navy Seals) and their most infamous training evolution (the log workout). Then the fun begins as I introduce the PAX to their “Metal Detectors”. What is a metal detector you might ask? It is a brand new set of salt treated 4x4x8 posts that we will carry with us and use for training along the way. In other words, this metal detector will see if you have any “iron” in you. YHC explains that if the metal detector touches the ground at any time there will be a 5 merkin penalty. And we mosey…

Along the 2.8 mile trek we complete the following exercises – some while stopped, some while on the move, all using the metal detectors for resistance:

  • 105 overhead presses
  • 30 Good Morning forward bends
  • 30 Side Bends
  • 25 chest presses
  • 25 crunches
  • 30 squats
  • 30 curls

We arrived back at the parking lot and continued our fun with the metal detectors. First we set them in parallel lines and did jump squats over each to the end. Rinse, repeat x 5 (25 total). Then we laid them end to end and did side jumps (aka bunny hops) down the line lengthwise. Rinse, repeat x 5 (approx 30 total). YHC and Buttoncap then performed a 5 merkin penalty because “one of us” wasn’t listening when the metal detectors were introduced.


  • LBC’s x 25
  • Low Slow Flutters IC x 25
  • James Bonds 10 count hold for all 3 positions
  • WW1’s x 25
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Protractor for 1 minute to a HS @ 6:15

Announcements: Rolling Stone tomorrow @ Croatan, Name-o-rama, naming of the FNG (HN Gosch Ehlers IV – my oldest) now known as Jar Jar Binks, and prayers followed.

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to lead today. Thank you to everyone for the opportunity and the support. A SPECIAL thanks to Cooter for introducing me to this tremendous group of men and the joys of F3! (edited)


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