• When: 10/21/19
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Cheech, Maytag, Couch Potato (respect), frankNbeans (respect respect), Laettner, burnout, bedsore, hacksaw, faceplant FNG, Rerun FNG, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Emerald Isle, Green Mile

Two new faces were already standing in the gloom when the Q pulled in to the AO this morning. Then Laettner and bedsore arrived from a standard. Cheech and Laettner proved the studs that they are this morning by posting to run on the Monday after running a half marathon. The mission statement, disclaimer, and five core principles were pulled out from the depths of memory for the FNG’s. All the GPS watches beeped and it was off to the races for an out-n-back down Reed drive and the bike path. The Q immediately got cut off and tripped up by our four-legged friend Buoy, but he’ll place the blame on his questionably sober owner. 🧐😎    The pax split up quickly, but most everyone was buddied up with no Man left behind. Back at the parking lot, after the six was swept up, we circled up for count-off and namearama. One of the FNG‘s expressed that he’s not a runner and hates running, so we all agreed this was a great first work out for him. The FNGs earned the names of faceplant and rerun. A few announcements were made that we’ll see on Slack. There were also a few prayer request for families that are facing some significant trials right now. We closed out in prayer in a BOM… praising, thanking, and asking for guidance. It was another glorious morning with my F3 brothers! Thanks for the opportunity beans above the Frank.



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