• When: 12/10/2019
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Wolverine, Lemongello, Holiday Mansion, Bo Peep, Deigo
  • AO: Back Blasts, Queen Ann's Revenge

We got lucky this morning with the temperature and a change in the forecast with temps in the 60’s with a slight breeze and no rain.  You never know how many you will get on a Tuesday with all of the great AO’s now so thank you to the PAX show attended this morning, After a quick mission statement and disclaimer, off we went to the Basketball Court to get started with:


SS Hops, Hill Billy’s, Cotton Pickers, Wind Mills, Willie Mays Hayes, Sun Gods, and a little stretch at the end

The Thang

Staying on the Basketball Court, we started with two sets of: Suicides and Lt Dans.  Next we went into a round of 7’s on the court starting with 6 burpees and one single count plank jack.  With the hear rate up now, we went over to the parking lot for two rounds of alternating toe taps and alternating shoulder taps (non-Steamer Speed).  Staying in the parking lot we did a set of parking space merkins. The final exercise was a modifications of what Bayliner did at the Court, we started with 5 SC Merkins, ran to median where shovel flag would be, Lt Dan to end of median, ran to Tree of line for 5 squats.  Reversed and ran back to median, LT Dan ran to starting point for 6 SC merkins.  We did three rounds of this and headed to flag for Mary.  We covered a lot of extended core exercises in Mary including LBC, LSF, Dying Cockroach, Freddie Mercury, Hello Dolly, WWI, and American Hammer.

Announcements: HIN and Tinker Bells tomorrow, watch slack for any AO changes, Duck might try and move them to MHCCC

Prayers: Madoff’s Mother, and Tonya’s M

Diego took us out in wonderful prayer.


Always a pleasure to lead

Until Next Time-Suitcase

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