• When: 12-14-2018
  • Workout Style: Mosey
  • PAX: Boss Tweed, Deebo, Shroom, Lassie, Ram, Poca, Madoff, Duck Buttress, Knotty, Lamar, Crabby, Flip, Hillary, Graco, Rooney, Bayliner, Big M, Gert
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Stampede

On a beautiful Beaufort December morning, 19 men gathered at the Carterican Justice Center for a Front Street mosey. Its been a cold, windy, and rainy week. The Pax was excited to have the opportunity to run on a clear 52 degree day. A simple out and back was called by YHC. Run down front street to the boat ramp and back for 4.6 miles, or choose your distance otherwise. Upon launch, Shroom noticed the smell of fresh pineapple among the pax. Apparently Duck has some new type of cologne.

Strong effort by the Pax this morning. Lamar and I got to witness the veteran runner skill of Deebo and Knotty, as they carried on conversation for miles. Was great to have Flip and Graco back on the mosey this morning after dealing with injuries. Credit goes out to Big Mick, Lamar, and Boss Tweed to hitting up a Standard.


Big Mick on the Hero tomorrow. More importantly, the F3 Christmas Party tomorrow night!

Shroom decided to cancel the ruck tomorrow based on the weather.

Prayers for Lassie brother, Double Mint, and Trailer House mother.

Rameses took us out in prayer.

Always a pleasure to Q the Stampede!


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