• When: 06/25/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Aflac
  • PAX: Jang-a-lang, Bayliner, Deebo, Lassie, Suitcase, Pocohantas, Winnie-the-poo, Puddles, Reed Donkey, Chinese Downhill, Gilligan, Bedsore, Chaney, Au Jus, Shroom, Mee Mee, Rameses, Twitty, Madoff
  • AO: Back Blasts, Sanitary Parking Lot, Table Setter

I can remember the day I was asked to be site q of the Table Setter. We were in a meeting for our foundation and Dipper is sitting across the table from me. He mouths the words, something to the effect of, do you want to q. I figured he was asking if I wanted to q the table setter the next week so I nodded. Little did I know he was asking me if I wanted to be site q of the table setter for the next year, smh. In all seriousness, I was honored to be chosen to lead the table setter for the past year. I can remember just starting out in F3 posting at the bands a couple of times and seeing the guys at the table setter thinking I would probably never be in good enough shape to run with them. Like convincing me to go to F3, Dipper convinced me to try the table setter one day. If you are in the same position, I would like to encourage you to try it, someone will be there to pick you up. I still can’t keep up but It has really become one of my favorite work outs of the week. I would like to thank everyone who Q’ed and helped keep the table setter going. Now on to the workout.

YHC pulled up to an empty parking lot this morning, apparently there were no drunks out last night nor was anybody going fishing.  After the mission statement and disclaimer, yhc delayed a minute to avoid doing any burpees for Deebo. Remember, no burpees on Monday Au Jus. We moseyed to 8th street for Warmarama.

-SSH x 15 IC

-Cotton Picker x 10 IC

-Sun gods x 10 IC forward, overhead clap x 10 IC, sun gods x 10 IC reverse

-Wind Mill x 10 IC

-Mountain Climber x 10 IC going into merkins x 10 SC.

-Right over left stretch, left over right

We took off on a mosey stopping at 11th St. for plank jacks x 10 IC going into merkins x 10 SC. We took off again stopping at 13th St. for squats x 20 SC. On to the tennis courts. YHC was a bit worried since the mumble chatter was thick that we might make the neighbors angry but we made it through with no one yelling at us or any visits by the MCPD.

First exercise with everyone on the line, YHC instructed the pax to bear crawl half way across the courts and then crawl bear the 2nd half. Mosey back to the line

2nd exercise, broad jump burpee all the way across, Mosey back to the line

15 LBC’s IC

3rd exercise, bear crawl across the 1st half of the court, doing a merkin at every line you got to. Standard bear crawl the rest of the way. Mosey back to the line

palate cleanser lap around both courts

Next up with everyone back on the line we did 10 merkins and ran down and back across both courts. Next, 10 merkins, 10 double wides, down and back. At this point those from West A Raleigh (Gilligan) was complaining about too much shoulders and not enough legs. Next. 10 merkins, 10 double wides,  10 diamond merkins, down and back.

To make Gilligan happy, Lt. Dan across both courts and mosey back.

We had just enough time for a round of suicides before it was time to head back. Chinese Downhill thanked Gilligan for this one.

The pax got in two lines for an Indian run heading back towards the flag. Stopping at 11th St for WWI x 15 and box cutter x 15 IC. We continued the indian run to the fountain. Next up was dips x 20 IC. Step ups x 10 SC. American Hammer x 15 IC and LSF x 15 IC.

We started the mosey towards the flag and one reaching the turn it was a jail break to the flag for hard stop.


Au Jus is taking over the table setter. Winnie in Beaufort tomorrow, Bedsore at the QAR, guest Q Schembechler on the Anchor B, someone will be at the Dread.

Prayer Concerns:

Gert’s Dad. Blart’s M. Au Jus’ family is making the move down full time and asked for prayers for his family.

It was a pleasure as always. Aflac


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