• When: 02/13/20
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Denver
  • PAX: Bandit, Griswold, Blart, Skidmark, Hokie, Dash 8, Purple Rain, Catfight, Tarhole, Kiwi, Nacho, Princess, Lemon Jello, Frank & Beans, Honey Wagon, & Stay Puff.
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rolling Stone

OMAHA, OMAHA don’t be afraid to call OMAHA when things aren’t going how you expect. Listen to your senses, and the PAX. My motto to Q’ing and life is to stay fluid, and not be so stiff that you can’t change direction at the drop of a hat.  So today, there were a few Omaha calls to change direction to make the workout flow a little better than what I had planned. Hence the title…

Here is what went down on this really pleasant February morning.

Thang 1.

4 Corner Rack and Stack with 3 exercises at each corner. Started with 5 Squat Jumps, 5 LSF, 5 MH.  Ran to the 2nd corner, increased by 5 but OMAHA’d to delete LSF. Worked up to reps of 20, then back down to 5.

Thang 2.

The Hill

Partnered up 1st partner did the hill while 2nd partner did lunges. Each partner did the hill 5X.

Thang 3. 

Dora, Partner 1 ran while partner 2

100 curbs

100 LBC

100 SSH

Thang 4,


1 Hillbilly, then walking lunges to 25 yards, then 6 wojo squats and ran back to the start for 2 Hillbilly and 5 Wojos, etc…

Lemon Jello led us out with an excellent prayer and then we did some serious 2nd F with coffee, protein drinks, donuts, etc… Thanks to the generous Site Q (Princess).

I enjoyed Q’ing the Greatest AO in West Carterico today.  You boys have something special going on down there.  Keep up the good work!




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