On a dreary, rainy morning, God provided a window of clear skies, as often happens at F3 workouts that i’ve been a part of over the last couple years. I was glad to get the call to Q this morning and was happy to see 7 other fellows pulling weights from their cars this morning.

We circled up with Newman and the Hole in Noner’s and began warmarama. Newman opened with SSH IC 15, I called SunGods IC 10 F/R, Newman Cotton Pickers IC 10, I called Imperial Walkers IC 10 and off we went.

Tinkerbells began a 4 corner sequence performing a set of bicep curls, SC R/L, Shoulder Press SC 10 R/L, Lat Pull 10 SC R/L, and gobblet Squat 15 SC. We moseyed to 3 opposite corners where we did 4 rounds of: 10 Mercans SC, 10 Mt Climbers IC, 10 LBC IC with help from Wilson, Ronnie B, and Blart on the LBC’s

Next we moseyed up the street past a co-worker of Ronnie B, who was sitting in her car at 5:30am waiting on a story to happen. After a comment about her “spastic nature” and “being new to the game”, we lined along the wall for a peoples chair and air press IC 5 ct per man. Next we moseyed down the hill tot he light pole and did Lt. Dan half way back and finished with a short mosey back to wall. Next was BTW 5 count SC per man and bacl down the hill and on to the shelter for 2 rounds of 11’s. Ercans-Step Ups, and Dips-LSF were performed by all with help from all calling counts. We finished with 4 minutes of Mary doing a couple more core exercises led by the pax, and wrapped it up with a few yoga exercises . The pax and I were impressed by the knowledge of yoga lingo by Navy and of Ronnie B’s inner knowledge of the prison shower system.

We rounded with the HIN crew for the COT and lifted up prayers for Laettner’s M, My T’s mom, Lassies brother-John and family, and Navy’s 2.0.

Its been hard as heck to get up early recently, but today is an example for me of what i’ve been missing. There is always a good time had by all, and something is usually sore for a couple days. More importantly are the usual suspects that make it so special- the men of consistency, the encouragers, the joker, the smart ass, the humble guy, and the givers that want to see the best possible version of all who come. I enjoy them all. It was a pleasure to lead today. I couldn’t think of a better way to start Hump Day!

Devlin MacGregor

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