• When: 6/6/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Pasquale, Blart (respect), holiday mansion, Clouseau, Cooter, stay puft, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Swashbuckler, West Carteret High School

Usually when you pull into WCHS at 5:30 AM, you see a herd of white GMC trucks. Today was different, it was a white Prius. The Q was surprised because he’s never seen stay puft this far east. Then walked up another guy, That the Q thought was an FNG, but apparently had posted once with F3 many moons ago. Pasquale bribed him to come out today. T claps. The former site Q walked up with 30 seconds to spare, and after a mission statement and disclaimer, we moseyed to the front of the school for a warmarama:  hillbillies 10, Michael Phelps 10, windmill 10, Frankenstein‘s 10.  We then moseyed to the curb at the front of the building: 10 plank step downs IC followed by a run to the fence with five monkey Humpers halfway each round. Next rounds were: plank step downs, sideways plank step ups, opposite direction step ups, hand release Merkens, and air press. After a mosey to the tennis courts we ran A Texas Merkin suicide stacking up to five reps. This seemed nearly impossible for blart and Pasquale to understand, but cooter proved himself to be the smart one of the group. We then mosey to the grass near the baseball field for a Lieutenant Dan Burpees across the grass. This is where the famous West Carteret Biting flies came out. We tried to out run them, but it didn’t work. Time for some partner work: partner one got in wheelbarrow position for 10 partner Derkins. Partners ran opposite directions around the building and switched up the Derkins. This was repeated two more times with partner plank circles each direction and partner plank jump overs five each. We headed to the bench next for two rounds of: 20 box squats, 20 alternating step ups, and 20 wojo squats. Next was 15 plank wall walk ups and 10 hand release Merkins. Rinse and repeat. After The Q talked trash to blart, and Stay puft released his gas pressure buildup from dinner last night, we headed back to the flag.  Holiday was strong as always, and clouseau was pushing hard as we started Mary: reverse snow angels, low slow flutters, single leg bridges, heels to heaven, Wojo squats, hand release Merkins, more Wojo squats, more hand release merkins.  Hard stop. Avoiding the giant wet spots, we circled up for count off and name a Rama. Announcements of tomorrow’s Qs and the final Saturday of the Jacksonville launch, including Q school. We lifted up our graduating children, Gilligan and his family, and our other F3 brothers in prayer. We also gave props to a great year of the swashbuckler by holiday mansion, who I’ve used as an example of a great site Q multiple times. He really revived the swashbuckler after of a period of it slowly dying. Pasquale has the flag now and will do great things. 

Thank you for another great morning of support and accountability men. I do enjoy heading east when I can.  Pray for Gilligan, and pray that this F3 Jacksonville thing grows.


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