• When: 5/9/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: RonBurgundy (respect), Blart (respect), Shaft, Creflo, HolidayMansion, Cooter, Ricardo, Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Swashbuckler, West Carteret High School

YHC has been on IR since Monday with an ugly stomach issue but, just as with Mark Twain, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. And so it was with great excitement that I returned to action ready for some fun in the gloom.

Despite Rooney’s best effort to keep the PAX out by locking the front gate to the High School, 7 Pax made it on time for a hard start.  Shaft made it a little later complete with a vintage 80’s Beastie Boys concert shirt to make us 8.  Nice – No sleep till Brooklyn and all that.

We started with a rolling WARMARAMA which included the following:

  • R/L  L/R
  • Merkins Dog
  • High Knees
  • Morrocan Night Club
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Hairy Rockettes
  • Butt Kickers
  • Imperial Walker Squats
  • Carioco
  • Seal Jacks
  • Carioca
  • Skier Jacks
  • High Knees

Sufficiently warm, we proceeded to start THANG 1the Pole Dancer Mile.  The Pax chose from a “deck” of cardboard cards each with an exercise written on the back.  We then proceeded to round the parking lot stopping at every other light pole to complete one of the four randomly picked.  Having measured the lot the day before, YHC knew 5 times around would get us to a mile – Voila – the Pole Dancer Mile.  In total we completed the following:

  • 50 Mericans
  • 50 Plank Jacks
  • 50 Groiners
  • 50 Diamond Mericans
  • 1 Mile of running

Based on the amount of “happy talk”, YHC understood that the Pax wanted to add more distance so we moved to the bleachers to start THANG 2, the Monkey-Merkin Mile.  Pax did 10 Mericans at the bottom of the bleachers, run to the top 10 Monkey Humpers for an entire bleacher snake and then onto the track for a lap, rinse and repeat.  We had to Omaha the last lap for time but not before Shaft showed off some Usain Bolt like speed.  Maybe its all that…wait for it…BRASS MONKEY, THAT FUNKY MONKEY he’s been drinking.  In all we completed:

  • 90 Mericans
  • 90 Monkey Humpers
  • .75 Miles on the track (except for Shaft who did a full mile)

Back to the flag for 6 MOM and Pax Choice.  We completed:

  • Lay and Pray (Shaft)
  • Freddie Mercs (Cooter)
  • American Hammer (Creflo)
  • Boss Tweeds (RobBurgundy)

Announcements: Mumble Chatter King Kiwi on the Hashmark Friday, Jacksonville Launch Saturday.  MHC clown car Harris Teeter @5:45, Cape Carteret clown car 6:15 Mills & Thomas furniture in Swansboro.  F3 BBQ Sat Night 6:30 @ 104 Glenn Abby – please HC to Dash8 or Navy.  Prayer requests for Holiday, Devlin and family, Laettner and Family, Traveling Pax.  Holiday took us out with heartfelt words of thanks.

Great push this morning men, I clocked us in at just under 3 miles and didn’t hear one fart.  It was a pleasure and an honor to lead as always.  Thank you for the opportunity Holiday.  Always great to be at the Swashbuckler!


Navy, Out.

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