• When: 12/20/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Blart, Cooter, Ron Burgundy, Banana, Birdman, Pasqually, Kiwi, ponch
  • AO: Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark

A waterbottle cap is a surprisingly efficient windshield scraper for the ill prepared. Luckily YHC had prepared for almost everything else. With winki in hand and stopping at several developments along 24,  (each time muttering, “that’s not it”) banana and YHC rolled into the HASHMARK to find blart ready willing and able….. to let me know if it weren’t for our northern bond, he wouldn’t be out in 24 degrees.  A part of me hoped he and I would just go get coffee but in rolled ronburgundy, birdman, cooter, kiwi wearing shorts and then if to say “ill see your shorts and raise you JUST A T SHIRT……in came pasqually at the hard start. Now, I sincerely hope that insanity doesn’t run in his family but if it does, I totally get it. What I wasn’t prepared for was , the humbling realization that I am no longer the most crazybadass nor the funniest guy my 2.0 knows.


Mike Phelps, Sungods, Left and Right over Right and Left, Cottonpickers and I couldn’t stand still any longer –



Mosey north along Brandywine blvd stopping for the theme of the day – head,shoulders,knees and toes. We laughed, we cried, we shared clothing, it was a regular brofest out there today. Mosey turned south at Lord Granville stopping along the way to continue the theme, laugh at things I cant remember and look for a hamstring. Dropping off an injured brother at the flag we headed across 24 to traverse the 18 trees lining Bay dr by alternating lunging and frankenstein walks to every other treeish stopping to knock out (to the best of my recollection) the following –

1. Merkin, WW1, Sumo Squat, 2. Diamond Merkin, American Hammer, Bobby Hurley 3. Double Wide Merkin, Box Cutter, Baryshnikov Squat, 4. Control Freak Merkin, LBC, Squat 5. Merkin, WW1, Calf Raises, 6. Carolina Dry Dock, Sumo Squat, Freddy Mercs during a story about skinny dipping 7. Scorpion Dry Dock, LBC, Squat – The chatter was thick and I missed it all trying to sneak a look at the winki and spending every cadence count trying to remember what came next.

Mosey to the Tennis courts for a round of BTTW with 10 count, Peoples Chair with 10 count and then a circle of Al Gore whilst each PAX described in painful detail just how their F3 name was awarded. The mosey back to the flag started with a pitch black jump off a cliff that claimed no ankles, surprisingly, and was cold but the conversation made my day.


Mary is always gonna be pax choice with me cause 39 minutes is all I have in me, ask bananas mom, speaking of banana….he settled in nicely with “straight up crunches” which he quickly learned were LBCs, Cooter stole Birdman’s thunder with birdman crunches,  Kiwi performed perfect dying cocaroaches, Im convinced Pasqually sprang out of bed threw on a t shirt and shorts only to make me do burpees, which he did, Ronburgundys choice of supermans was welcomed by all and Birdmans boss tweeds with both arms up are a sight to see. Im thinking the workout sucked because what hurts most of all on me is my face, from laughing.

Announcements – FOD Saturday is mine, Something about a Manatee.. its all a blur

Prayer requests – Griswolds M, Burnout, Traveling family

Kiwi took us out as only Kiwi can. I sincerely look forward to your words my friend.

Thank you for the invite Cooter, I had a blast and so proud to share this with my 2.0s, I hope to be invited back………in the summer.







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