• When: 10/7/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Denver
  • PAX: Ron Burgundy(Respect), Pasqually, Ricardo & Kiwi
  • AO: Back Blasts

I tried focusing the workout around balance exercises.

After the mission statement, and disclaimer we did some light stretching, cotton pickers, sungods, followed up by some side straddle hops.

Then we mosey’d and circled up for balance exercises holding one leg back and both arms forward.  Then the other side. Then we did like a side plank with one leg and arm on the ground, and other two in the air. We did a couple of rounds of this before mosey back to the flag for some station tabada

Station 1 – Overhead Press

Station 2 – Side leg lifts

station 3 – Curls

Station 4 – Plank or pushups

Station 5 – Freddy Mercury

Station 6 – Shake Weight

Station 7 – Ball

Did 2 rounds of this at 40 seconds each. Good exercise and good time to shoot the breeze. The did some more balance work with some kickboxing mixed in.

That was about it.


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