• When: 08/29/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Denver
  • PAX: Madoff (Respect), Tan Lines, Wolverine (Respect), Doogie (Respect), Creflo, Depends, Aflac and Nippleshot !
  • AO: Back Blasts
Carterican  Court   8/29/19
What a lovely morning for an F3 workout. I was met by a good group of men ready to take on the day.  I planted the shovel flag, stretched, welcomed everyone rolling in gave the countdown and was about ready to start when a flash of light came followed by screeching tires. Their were no police lights, but it was if someone was evading the police.  I guess Wolverine doesn’t like to be late. Doogie on the other hand is a bit laid back and say “hey, I’m late already I’ll get there when I get there”.  That is probably the safest approach and will more than likely be mine when I get to the Respect club. 
Started off Warmerama with a mosey around the tree of life, circled up did some
Sun Gods
Cotton Pickers
Thang 1
Then headed to the picnic tables near the flag . Idea was to start off slow and ramp up.
Did 3 sets of 10 of the following:
Box Jumps
Thang 2
Next we headed over the big grassy fields where did a little Rack and Stack (if that is what it is called) followed by 50 yard runs.
1st exercise X10 was Star Jumps then run 50 yards, followed by
20 Catalina Wine Mixers and 50 yards.
30 Merkins and 50 yards
40 Little Baby Crunches and 50 yards
50 Squats
Thang 3
Next we Mosey’d back to the Tree of Life for a Bear Crawl around it. (Stole that idea from a Lassie Post). Followed by round of 7s at the Parking lot
Started off with 1 Burpee then ran the length of the parking lot for 6 Mountain Climbers and back. Followed by
2 Burpees and 5 Mountain Climbers…
all the way to 6 Burpees and 1 Mountain Climber.
Thang 4
Mall Walked to the Marlins Home run wall for:
1 Round of Peoples Chair (10 count each) and Balls to the Wall (5 count each).
Then a R over L Karaoke down the parking lot and L over R Karaoke up the parking lot.
Thang 5
Then we walked to over the soccer field for the last thang 4 Corners.
First corner – 20 Monkey Humpers then run to the Second corner for:
20 Low Slow Flutters the run to the third corner for:
20 Dry Docks then run to the forth corner for:
20 Lunges.
Finally a little mosey back to the shovel flag for Mary.
Madoff, Aflac, and Nippleshot each led the PAX for a exercise of their choosing. Don’t remember exactly, but American Hammers and Freddy Mercuries come to mind.
Prayers and Announcements 
Prayers for Madoff’s daughter Hanna have safe travels to and from Peru.
Bunions wife.
Dang, and I forgot some of the others because I waited to long to write this backblast.
Circle of trust and Fist bumps
Gents, Thanks for joining me today on our journey to improve ourselves during this thing called life. Thanks to God for giving us his son to help steer us in the right direction and give us hope.
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