• When: 01/10/2019
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Liver Mush, Winnie the Pooh, Bunion, Ronrico, Little Caesar (Respect), Flutter (Respect), Graco
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Dockhouse, Man-O-War

Seven strong and dedicated Pax joined YHC for a Beaufort Beatdown this morning. The weather forecast was true: around 30 degrees and a strong NW wind greeted us as we gathered in the parking lot. YHC stayed in his truck until literally the last minute, studying the notes for the workout. Bouncing out of the truck and declaring a hard start, the Mission Statement was being issued when the Pax ordered a stop of said Statement as Bunion and Flutter arrived just in time. The welcome and Statement were recited, disclaimer disclaimed and YHC ordered the Pax to take shelter from the wind by getting on their 6 on the eastern side of a vehicle and we began warm a rama with some LSF, 6 inch leg hold and plank hold along with a few merkins. We then moseyed to the Beaufort Cutting Board (thanks again Liver for opening the door…YHC’s eyes were watering and I couldn’t see a thing) which would be our home base for the remainder of the workout. After some more stretching that included L/R, R/L, SSH and Sungod’s, we moseyed back to Front St for the Thang:

Suicide run: the Pax ran to the nearest crosswalk, maybe 30 yards away, touched the ground and sprinted back to the start, touch the ground then sprint past the crosswalk for maybe another 30 yards, turn and come back to the start line. Wash, rinse and repeat then back to the Cutting Board and out of the wind.

6 minutes go on the clock. 3 minutes of Merkins, as many as possible in good form. When those 3 minutes were up we rolled onto our 6 and did LSF I/C for 2 minutes. Then it was quickly off our 6 for as many burpees that we could do for the last minute.

Winded, we moseyed back to Front St. for some more sprint work. One minute went on the clock. Sprint to the above mentioned crosswalk. Touch the pavement and sprint back to the start line. Continue until YHC called time. When the minute was up, the Pax gathered at the start line for a 50 second recovery. When the 50 seconds was up, another round of sprints for one minute were called for. When done, there was a 40 second recovery then another minute of running. This pattern repeated itself until we completed the running with a 10 second recovery followed by a final 1 minute sprint. Back to the friendly confines of the Cutting Board we went.

Next up were dips and step ups, starting with 15 rounds of dips I/C then 15 step ups, starting with the left foot leading for a 15 count I/C then switch and let right leg lead for 15 I/C. Repeat twice with 10 reps per exercise as opposed to 15.

One last round of shoulder work so we finished it with Merkins, Dirkins and Urkins, 15 SC each.

We needed some ab work so it was 15 LBC’s I/C followed by 15 WWI’s and Winnie took us through a great ab exercise, the Pretzel for a 15 count.

Hard stop. Announcements: See Bunion regarding a fund raiser for the Carteret Community Theatre and check Slack for upcoming workouts.

Prayer requests included John Jenkins and Chance, a young man injured in a car wreck recently. Liver took us out with a wonderful prayer.

When the Holidays were in full swing YHC was unable to post in Beaufort as frequently as he would have liked. So it was good to be back in America’s favorite small town and to meet Flutter for the first time. Little Caesar and I are from the same hometown and it’s nice to see that he is posting on a regular basis.

I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out this morning. It takes some will power to avoid the fart sack monster on a day like today. Strong work, men. It was a pleasure to lead.


Puddles out.

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