When you volunteer someone for a Q, the key caveat is the notification to the volunteer that they have been volunteered.  Obviously, with his youth and naivety, Lammar has not connected these dots yet.  With a cry out for help from Wolverine I was able to quickly jump in and do what I could!  After a brief warmarama that INCLUDED 4 bleacher snakes, we began the  thing…

THANG (Gerts Q earlier this week got me thinking about Vegas games and luck of the draw)

Cones and lacrosse goals set up at 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 and 96 yards (6 TOTAL)

Roll Die….whatever die says you sprint to that cone/goal and back.  IE Roll a 5, sprint to cone 5 for total of 160 yards.

Once back we had 30 folded pieces of paper.  The easiest of which had a 20 sec lay and pray and the hardest of which had 50 Burpees.  My goal was to get 26 of these done giving us small odds that we would not do 50m burpees.

After 13 rounds, we took a small break and did hungarian peoples chair with bear crawls and balls to the wall bear crawls.

We then resumed the final 13 rounds of the Die game.

After an absolute beatdown I am happy to say that the odds did nit work in our favor for the sprinting (many 6s rolled) but did work in our favor for the burpees(did not have to do) and the lay and pray(did get to do)

What an incredible awesome display of tenacity by 8 fellows.  Very proud of every single one of you and what an absolute pleasure to lead and push along side every one of you men!




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