• When: 02/13/2020
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Bunion, Flying Wasp (Wilmington), WiFi, Blow Hole, Twitty, Ronrico, Pyro, Flutter, Liver Mush, Hugo
  • AO: Beaufort, Man-O-War

Ten men joined YHC for some Merkin fun. With rain looking likely, at exactly 0530 YHC asked the PAX to follow him as we moseyed from the parking lot at the Dock House to the intersection of Turner and Front. No welcome or disclaimer offered. We had running to do and rain to dodge.

Warm-a-Rama included 5 or 6 of our favorites plus a minute or so of stretching OYO.

The first part of the work out was straight forward enough: Pick a partner, do one Merkin, run to a cone approx. 100 yards away (Ronrico said YHC can’t pace off distances very well) do 2 Merkins, back to the intersection for 3 Merkins, run to cone for 4 Merkins, etc until each PAX had completed 18 rounds. That’s approx. 1,800 yards covered which equals just over a mile. And 171 Merkins in the books. All before 0550. Strong work!

Mosey back to the parking lot for some kettle bell and dumbbell work. The details are fuzzy but our exercises here were focused on the midsection since our legs and shoulders were somewhat spent. LSF, LBC, 6inches and Freddy Mercs were all performed flawlessly. We did 3 rounds of biceps, triceps, wonderbra’s and bench presses along with one round of bottom half squats. The number of Merkins was bothering YHC since 171 is such a weird number to stop on. We needed at least 29 more for an even 200. YHC promptly led the PAX in one 10 count set of Dirkins followed by one 9 count set of Dirkins. Feeling good about leading the PAX for those 19 Dirkins, YHC was glad that round was over until he heard a certain amount of chatter….seems that YHC has an arithmetic problem. 171 plus 19 equals 190, not 200. Back to the split rail fence at the boardwalk for 20 Dirkens, the first 10 standard and the second 10 Diamond. That put us at 210, a much cleaner number than 171.

By now the rain has picked up and a different PAX was leading us in Mary for a few cool down exercises. YHC asked Flying Wasp to lead us in one last round of Mary and naturally he calls for 10 Burpees OYO. We all thought he was a good guy until that point.

Raining harder, we left the docks and crossed Front Street and the refuge of a fairly dry awning for announcements and prayer conerns. The Manatee ruck is on for tomorrow, and John Jenkins, Lassie’s brother was mentioned as a prayer request. Ronrico took us out in a heart felt prayer. By now the rains had let up some and we enjoyed some hot coffee at Cru courtesy of WiFi.

Thanks for giving me the chance to lead this morning. It’s always a pleasure!



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