• When: 10/4/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Bunyon, Winnie, Krayton, Liver Mush, Graco
  • AO: Beaufort, Man-O-War

Five men joined YHC for a little beat down at the Man-O-War in picturesque Beaufort.  It’s the time of year when the big boats make their way into Beaufort and that provides a great background for a workout. At the one minute warning it was apparent that we would be a PAX of veterans so YHC skipped the welcome and disclaimer and we moseyed to the Beaufort cutting board for Warm-a-Rama that went something like this:

7 Merkins, 7 Dirkins and 7 Erkins all S/C

20 SSH I/C

Sun gods forward and reverse 10 count each way I/C

Down Dog then stretch muscles of your choice for 30 seconds

Mosey back to Front St for The Thang:

Five Burpees followed by 20 Squats.  Sprint 75 yards, repeat for a total of 5 sets

Next, similar format but Merkins for a 10 count replaced Burpees and LBC’s replaced Squats.  To add some variety, after each round,  YHC had the PAX “lay and pray”.  On YHC’s command of “GO” the PAX was to rise from the lay and pray position (on your back, gazing at the stars) and sprint to a cone.  The Merkin count went to 8 while LBC’s stayed at 20.  We counted down by 2 each time on the Merkins till 5 sets were complete.

We did the exact same format next, substituting WW1’s for LBC’s, 10 reps and counting down by two’s for both  Merkins and WW1’s.

Mosey to Boss Tweed Marina.  YHC had each PAX grab two of the decorated bricks and Farmer’s Walk 15 yards or so then drop one brick and do Curls for the Girls and Over head press, 15 count I/C for two sets.

With time running tight, we moseyed a ways down Front St. toward the boardwalk stopping for a 10 yard Bear Crawl, then we ran backwards for a bit before returning to the board walk. We ran down the boardwalk to the end, hung a right and finished at the parking lot.  We had time for one more set of Merkins:  10 Standard , 10 wide arm and finally 10 diamond, all S/C.

We skipped Mary and went straight to announcements and prayer requests.  Lassie’s brother and storm cleanup were mentioned.  YHC took us out in prayer.

As always, it was a pleasure to lead.

Puddles out.




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