It’s all Navy’s Fault

The morning started like many others over the past 15 months, A faint but growing pounding in my head of a familiar song and yet again Navy standing outside my bedroom window with a boom box  over his head in a scene direct from “ Say Anything”…. playing “ if you leave me now” by Chicago….  this guy is relentless…combined with the discovery of a old cross country running picture and remembering the days of my youth I finally submitted to being the Great and powerful Q

Arriving at the Greatest AO in Carteret Co. “The Rolling Stone” I was met by Princess’s Mobile DJ service and 18 pax… the stage was set…

YHC delivered a flawless mission statement, credo and reciting all 5 points of our workouts… I clearly saw Navy start to swell up… it was a moment…

My mission today was to get to know my F3 brothers a bit more, often times I see guys out and I’ll say  “ Hey Cooter” ( not knowing his first name but also starting a whole new conversation with the ladies….) I wanted today’s workout to focus on getting to know each other better.

Starting with 4 corners of the parking lot we did 20 merkins and 10 burpees ( for Navy) at each stop.. proceeding to the wall we did balls to wall but with a twist, each pax had to state his given first name and f3 name w warning that a test would follow… moseying to the football field we again did balls to wall with each pax telling a bit more about themselves, another 3 rounds of 20 merkins and 10 burpees ( for Navy) was followed by a guick Q&A to various pax… immediately failing the first quiz…we ran a lap… upon completion another quiz of the pax resulted in 59 LBC’s then a strong set of dips, back to the wall for more knowledge and pain we shared more info not previously known… I had everybody’s attention except Ron Burgandy’s as that much time near brick walls and sweating grunting men took him back to prison days… it wasn’t pretty..

Moseying back we did one last wall of pain round with more knowledge being learned… the mission to smoke all pax’s shoulders and arms complete we headed back to flags for a final round of merkins to “Dream On”  with purple rain setting the example on proper form with both knees on the ground during the plank…

Announcements & prayer request handled in the proper fashion and namearama included purple rain, frank n beans, ponch, catfight, double dip, Cheech, Navy, Griswold, Hukabee, Linus, Princess, Paparazzi, Tony Romo, Cooter, Ricardo, kiwi, Ronnie B, Pillbox And Cooter

It was fun and I hope we learned a bit more about our F3 brother as that is really what’s it’s all about… the brotherhood I feel from this group has not been felt  by YHC since my days in the Marines.. Dash 8 out





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September 12, 2019

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