7 guys meet in a Dark alley in Newport

Pax: Newman, Pasquale, kiwi, cooter, lemon jello, monkey.

6 and the Q met in the gloom after the Q had to google earth the parking lot location, oh the shame. Only been in F3 for 4 years

Well I must say this East meets West Locale is a great AO. Strong mumble chatter which is my highest requirement. Very little complaining  about being in the elements although there was just a wee bit of sentiment That the weather better called for coffee than work.

What the heck, we were all dressed up and everything so after mission and disclaimers we moseyed and very quickly almost died with a car exiting the Brandywhiners towering gates of segregation. We recovered and made our way down the trail to the clubhouse stopping occasionally for “stretching”, I mentioned this was a “Big Mic” Q. We mixed in some warmarama

  • SSH
  • Sun Gods
  • Monkey Humpers “yes it’s. A warmup
  • Merkins, also a warm up

This brought on some mumble chatter I think Newman, something about 10 burpees every light as the norm and the Q was like Hell to the Naw Naw

So we moseyed to the circle /clubhouse for “Da Tang”


-Parter A Lieutenant Dan around the circle Parter B Merkins. Flapjack to accomplish   100

-Parter A Bear Crawl around the circle Parter B Squats. Flapjack to accomplish   150

-Parter A Run our to the street and back (200 yards) Parter B LBC. Flapjack to accomplish 200

Mosey you the concrete benches for two rounds

Dips IC X 10

Step ups IC X 10

Erkins and Derkins X 10

Pallet Cleanser and back under the shelter for Merry

-WW1 x 20

-Box cutter IC x 10

-Dyeing CR X 20

-plank 10 sec hold rotate left and right arm up 20 sec hold

Mosey back to the gate stopping to stretch, again Big Mic Q lots of stretching. Made it back at 6:15HS

Ended in COT with Kiwi taking us out.

Moleskin: great reminder to get out of your regular routines and go see some other AOs. These guys were great. Big Mic extended the invite to Chick-fil-A on him and LemonJello accepted the challenge



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November 8, 2019

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