So many so early

PAX: Jang, pastor c, ramesees, Wolverine, puddles, madoff, shaft, lassie, Winnie, second mile, spinal tap, Mr pearly, tan lines, cheany, reef donkey, bay liner, Wilson, steamer, sponge bob, Aflac, duck butter, tonya, Crabby, Newman, FNG City limits, FNG Amish, Rooney

28 Hims Circled around the flag for appropriate disclaimer and approximate mission statement. Who knew this many men could rise so early in Carterico 

Out of the gates with gusto mosey to The chopping block for Warmarama. 


SSH X 20

SG forward and back X 10

Cotton Piker IC X 15

Windmill X 10


-Straight down, left over right and right over left X10

-peddle it out 

The Thang 

Mosey to the Shevans stopping three times for exercises.

Mountain climber IC X20


CH squats IC X 20

2 rounds 

Group one: Pull-up X10

Group two: IC alternating step ups X 10


Together Derkin regular, wife and close grip 5 each.

  • one lap around d the block part cleanser 

Then to the tennis court 

Parter A gassers down and back twice while partner B AMRAP WW1 Flapjack . Continued pattern introducing two more exercise, Carolina dry dock and squats 

Then Indian run to the Big Rock fountain for 20 dips IC. Jail break to the flag HS

Moleskin: Today was a good push. First time to Q the TS. Great way to stay the week. Lots of Mumble with a cast of characters 

Prayer request and announcements 

  • John Jenkins 
  • Gil 
  • Flounders mom 
  • Tinactins boy 
  • Lamar and family transitioning to Wilson 

Always a pleasure to lead 

Big Mic 


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June 27, 2019

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