First time at the Hash

What an Awesome start to The Weekend. Having never posted at the Hash I was looking forward to this mornings workout  

A Near Perfect mission statement and disclaimer given we headed out for a  Long warm up mosey southward along Brandywine Boulevard across Highway 24 to the basket ball goal

And For  warm-ups we performed the following:

Side straddle hops

Cotton pickers

Downward dog



Mosey back to the pump station for our workout. 

40 seconds on 20 seconds off. 

1.Overhead press 15 pound dumbbells

2.Sandbag squat

3.Plank jacks

4.Curl 25 pound dumbbell

5.Run to the entrance and back

6. log toss

7.Boss Tweed

8.Tailgate erkins On my truck

4 rounds completed with 2.5 minuets to spare

🐒 led us in American Hammer

reef for 20ic LSF and

plunger for the dying cockroach for 20IC


 thank you to the men that posted for the push this morning. 

YHC took us out. 

Reef out. 


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March 8, 2019

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