Feeling a little angry lately YHC needed to have some Holiday Cheer.  YHC looked back on his past workouts and pulled out last years 12 Days of Exercises.  Having now put myself into a better mood.  YHC just needed a good turn out.  To my surprise that was taking place all the way up to 4 minutes into the workout(Shaft)  Yes 4 Burpees for Shaft.  Anyways, back to the beginning, 4,2,1 minute warnings and then a slow (thanks for the help) mission statement given.  Off we go to the track.

Here is how it went down: Each exercise performed to the count next to it.  Performing the exercises before each next exercise in order all the way up to 12.

  1. Burpee    SC 1                                                 12 performed
  2.  Double Merkins    SC 2 doubles                     22 performed
  3.  Cooperhead Squats    IC 3                             30 performed
  4.  Catalina Wine Mixers   IC 4                            36 performed
  5.  Dying Cockroaches    SC 5                             40 performed
  6.  Carolina Dry Docks    SC 6                             42 performed
  7.  Hello Dollies     IC 7                                        42 performed
  8.  LBC’s    IC 8                                                    40 performed
  9.  Air Presses     IC 9                                          36 performed
  10.  Alternating Shoulder Taps    IC 10                  30 performed
  11.  Rosalita’s     IC 11                                           22 performed
  12.  Super Mans   IC 12                                         12 performed


One lap around the track between 5 and 6 and then one lap around the track after 12.  Whew time flew by and back to the flag for MARY.  Blart for American Hammers IC 10, Ramses for Boss Tweeds IC 15, Ron Burgundy Protractors 1 minute.


Thanks to Steamer for letting me steal the keys today and workout with 9 HIM’s this morning.  Good times.

Blart out


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