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Our workouts are open to men of all fitness levels and are organized to keep the entire group together while ensuring a thorough beatdown for all participants. Our model, in which leadership of the workout varies from day to day and week to week, means that workout leaders — “Qs,” in F3 lingo — are constantly introducing new exercises and ways of doing them. Because participants are challenged and pushed in new ways every day, they achieve an all-around fitness that makes F3 guys supremely fit for endurance challenges, including mud runs, obstacle races, triathlons, marathons, long-distance relays and all manner of other adventure challenges.

While the classic F3 workout requires no equipment other than workout clothes, gravity and the great outdoors, our growth has allowed regional leaders to introduce specialized workouts, including bike rides, gear-focused workouts that include kettlebells and other heavy metal, track workouts for runners and trail runs.

F3 workouts take place at publicly accessible venues, including parks, school campuses, churches — even in parking lots!
And while the vast majority of F3 workouts launch before the sun is up — largely because that’s the time of day when F3 guys can be most certain of being able to control their schedules — some regions are experimenting with evening workouts.

Workout AO’s

We’ve got plenty of workouts and styles to choose from. There’s no reason not to post. Seven days a week in various locations.

Day of WeekWorkout TitleLocationStart TimeEnd TimeSite QWorkout StyleExpansion Location
MondayTable Setter Sanitary Parking Lot 5:30 AM 6:15 AM Aflac Boot Camp Morehead
Monday Band of Brothers Shevans Park 5:30 AM 6:15 AM Devlin MacGregor Bands Morehead
Monday Knarr Fort Benjamin 5:30 AM 6:15 AM Blart Boot Camp Morehead
Monday Green Mile Rolling AO 5:30 AM 6:15 AM Maytag Run Cape Carteret
Monday Sproclets Rolling AO 5:30 AM 6:15 AM Big Mic Cycling Morehead
TuesdayClam DiggerDockhouse 5:30 AM 6:15 AMFlip OvaBoot CampBeaufort
TuesdayBoonedocksCape Carteret Baptist Church 5:30 AM 6:15 AMPurple RainBoot CampCape Carteret
TuesdayAnchor BallRotary Park 5:30 AM 6:15 AMReef DonkeyBoot CampMorehead
TuesdayQueen Anns RevengeRotary Park 5:30 AM 6:15 AMRooneyBoot CampMorehead
TuesdayDreadnoughtWest Carteret High School5:25 AM 6:15 AMRamesesRun/Boot CampMorehead
WednesdayHole In NoneMorehead City Country Club5:30 AM 6:15 AMGertrudeBoot CampMorehead
WednesdayTinkerbellsMorehead City Country Club5:30 AM 6:15 AMDouble MintKettle BellsMorehead
WednesdayPrometheusRolling/Tideland Trail5:20 AM 6:15 AMButton CapRuckCape Carteret
ThursdayCarterican CourtRotary Park5:30 AM 6:15 AMJang A LangBoot CampMorehead
ThursdaySwashbucklerWest Carteret High School5:30 AM 6:15 AMSecondmileBoot CampMorehead
ThursdayRolling StoneCroatan High School5:30 AM 6:15 AMGriswoldBoot CampCape Carteret
ThursdayMan-O-WarDockhouse5:30 AM 6:15 AMMalibuBoot CampBeaufort
FridayRucky DuckRolling AO5:15 AM6:30 AMFrosted FlakeRuckMorehead
FridayStampedeRolling AO5:30 AM6:15 AMCrabby EnglishmenRunMorehead
FridayHask MarkBrandywine Bay 24 side5:30 AM6:15 AMPasquallyBoot CampMorehead
SaturdayHero PatriotWest Carteret High School6:00 AM7:00 AMLassieBoot CampMorehead
SaturdaySlick CamDunes Club7:00 AM8:00 AMHillaryBoot CampMorehead
SaturdayField Of DreamsWestern Park6:00 AM7:00 AMLaettnerBoot CampCape Carteret
SundayGordy LeeFort Macon State Park8:00 AM9:00 AMBongwaRun/Ruck/WalkMorehead

Workout Map

Use the map below to locate the most up-to-date workout times and details. Click on a color marker that corresponds with the day of week. Click on the “Group” button to reset map view.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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