YHC arrived early to look for icicles and snowbanks and try to fashion a plan that would warm up the crew in a hurry and keep them that way for the duration.

YHC arrived back at the flag with 30 seconds to spare to see 9 other hardy PAX ready for some frosty fun.

After a flawless disclaimer and mission statement we got right to it. The moniker “warm o rama” was never so fitting as we began to mosey. We circled the parkling lot stopping to complete ssh, seal jacks, imperial walkers, goofballs, carioca and butt kickers. We continued our mosey to snack bar wall for a little people’s chair with 5 merkins each.

Mosey again to the bleachers for a snake followed by a tour of trash panada crawls on the benches with 10 squats at the end of each row.

Indian run back to the opposite end of the parking lot for some pole dancers. Partner 1 completes the designated exercise AMRAP while partner 2 fast moseys to the next light pole and back. Switch, rinse, repeat. Slow mosey as a group to the next pole. Exercises included lbc’s, rocky balboas, ATM’s, and Freddie mercs. Turn around and head back to the starting point playing catch me if you can with 4x4s on the way.

Once back to the parking lot we moseyed back towards the flag pausing along the way for a merkin/air press pyramid from 10 down to zero.  It was during this last exercise that YHC realized that math is not our strong suit as a collective group. When purplerain asked “why am I finishing so much earlier than y’all?” and half the group explained the parameters of what we were doing to him…incorrectly.

Somehow we got through it all without getting hit by an iceberg and reached the flag in relative warmth and saftey. We finished 6 MOM with a few old standards and a round of superman’s in honor of our dearly departed friend Couchpotato.

We enjoyed the introduction to the FNG and named him “cat fight”. He cruised through his first day without even breathing hard and I think we’re gonna have a rough time making him sweat! Way to go cat fight!

  1. Announcments: putin graduates bootcamp tomorrow. Tony romo’s xmas party December 15th.  Prayers were requested and offered for griswold’s back, purplerain’s foot, safe travels for tony romo and navy. We ask that everyone keep princess and his family in your prayers as they fight his grandmother’s cancer together.

As always, it was a pleasure and an honor to lead. Thanks for the opportunity snooki. We miss you bro!

Navy, out.

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