• When: 1/24/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Rob Burgundy (respect), Monkey Wrench (respect), Plunger, Squid, Holiday Mansion, Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Swashbuckler

YHC has been looking forward to his Swashbuckler VQ every since Holiday Mansion offered up the opportunity.  I knew that only the studliest studs would show given the forecast and the pressure was on to deliver something that would at least approach a challenge for these guys.  So how to accomplish that…hmmm…I KNOW – OPE (Other people’s exercises).  If YHC was going to make an impression, I knew I’d have to look to the master’s of pain for inspiration.  So today’s workout was a smorgasbord of stolen OPE.

After surveying the AO to find the dry spots, YHC returned to the flag to find Monkey Wrench and Ron Burgundy waiting. The three of us respect brothers waited for the youngins to get out of their nice dry pick ups as the 3,2,1 minute warnings were given.  Eventually RB started banging on truck windows to get the rest of the PAX out in the rain. 5 strong, we finished fist bumps and the mission statement and set off for a rolling WARMARAMA.

Warm up consisted of short moseys, high knees, butt kickers, toy soldiers (stolen from Griswold), carioca (stolen from my HS football coach) and box drills back and forth from one side of the parking lot to the other stopping at each end for SSH IC x25, Seal Jacks IC x 20, Goofballs IC x15 (Stolen from Buttoncap), RL/LR 10 count, Cotton Pickers IC x 10.About the time we were doing box drills Squid came screamin in hot and joined up to make our number an even six.

Sufficiently warm, we moseyed to the main entrance portico and partnered up for a merkin ladder up to 10 (stolen from a Q at a Charlotte AO I visited). Mosey around to the driveway between the tennis courts and main building until we go to the loading dock ramp where we did a six pack (again stolen from Charlotte) of squats and monkey humpers.

Mosey to the back of the school and under the covered walkway for the main THANG which consisted a round of alternating upper body wall work and lower body work. We completed three rounds of the following exercises. Peoples chair with Air Press, GrisWALLds (stolen from Griswold), Monkey Humpers , Dirty Hook ups (stolen from Couchpotato), Squats, Australian Mountain Climbers (stolen from Misty). Rinse, repeat three times. First round 5 reps, second 7 reps, third ten reps. All done in succession with no rest.

Mosey to the track for a little more partner work. P1 would do 4 plank jacks, 4 mountain climbers, 4 merkins while P2 moseyed to the next corner. P2 would complete the same circuit while P1 caught up. Rinse repeat all the way around the track.

Mosey back to the covered area so we could complete MARY in the dry.  LBCs ICx20, LBC/Flutter Kick combos IC x 10, X-files IC x 10, Buttoncap’s deceivingly painful toe touchy-thingys SC x 10 each leg. Holiday Mansion gave us Squid Style (the stolen exercise thing rubbed off) American Hammers, Monkey Wrench did LBC’s, Ron Burgundy went for 30 second protractors, Plunger killed some cock roaches, and Squid made us all mad by adding merkins to the end.  Just for that YHC added two burpees for Squid’s lateness.

Mosey back to the flag for a hard stop. count off and Name-o-rama.  Announcements: check slack. Praise: good report for Navy’s father-in-law regarding his lung cancer diagnosis. Prayer requests: Navy’s father-in-law, Pillbox and his stones, Couchpotato and his eye, our elected leaders in Washington DC.  Ron Burgundy took us out with heartfelt words of thanks, praise, strength and healing in the BOM.

Thanks to all 5 who posted in the miserable weather to support one another today.  Thanks especially to Holiday Mansion for trusting me with the keys to the kingdom. My only regret is that I couldn’t fit in the mother of all stolen exercises – Laettner’s BTW 500.  Oh well, there is always next time.  As always, it is a pleasure and an honor to lead.


Navy, Out.

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