I got the call from Maytag on Saturday evening that he needed someone to step up and lead the Green Mile this week and I was the man to do it.  Upon arrival it appeared the numbers would be low either due to fear of the weather or having over done it this past weekend.  We noticed that Tony Romo and Backup had HCd but did not show.  None of this would stop us as I could tell everyone was a little sleepy on this Monday morning and it was time to get the blood pumping.

We all stayed together for a good while which allowed for some 2nd F which was good.  After about a mile Cooter and Griswold appeared to have the motivation to kick it in and they took off.  I was not quite awake yet and enjoyed the fellowship in the back.

It was time to make the turn and finally started feeling up to par and kicked it in a little.  We all made it back to the flag with announcements and prayers.  100% chance of rain this morning and the weather man once again was wrong as we all beat the fart sack and got better because of it.

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