YHC was glad to be on the Q today.  After arriving early to find Squid already there I planted the flag and returned to the warmth of the truck and waited for the hour to arrive.  With a hearty group of 7 on board the disclaimer was given as was the mission statement and we were off.  With the first mosey taking us to the Lord Granville intersection we stopped for:

SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Leg stretches x 5ct each side.

Now warm we headed off for the thang.

We would make the loop around Brandywine stopping at each intersection for a called exercise. YHC called for Merkins at the first intersection and each Pax member alternated calling their preferred exercise at the following intersections.  By my best guess we had seventeen stops along the way with each Pax leading 2 stops and YHC handling the rest.  Most stops included 15 reps and included merkins, lbc’s,pickle pounders,hillbillies,imperial walkers,burpees(Squid!),boss tweeds,mountain climbers,crab walk,box cutters,four corners,sun gods,plankjacks,merkin rollover BS by Blart, and apparently a few more I can’t remember.  With 7 minutes to go, YHC called for a jailbreak from Lord Granville back to the gate.  Squid remarked that it was a long jailbreak and then replied “I’ll see you boys at the gate” as he tore off into the dark like a Palmetto relay wanna be. Just inside the gate with 5 minutes to go we circled tight for a bear crawl ring of fire, switched up to a crab walk ring of fire for the second ring and finished up with 25 american hammers IC for Mary.  While Madoff likes to point out that he stampedes on Friday because he prefers running, we covered a little over 3 miles today and managed to get over 250 reps of various exercises.

It was a pleasure to lead today and I’m glad my neighbor Navy posted with us.

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