5 MEN gathered on Front Street.  It was established that Flipova has given up on the Clam Digger and that the morning air is some chillin’ shit.  Mission statement stated and disclaimer disclaimed we headed off to the Wester’d.

Warm-a-rama – Maritime Museum


20 Cotton Pickers IC

20 Sun Gods IC

20 Good Mornings IC


Moseyed to the Roundabout…


Bataan Death Mile –  The roundabout to Hill St is exactly 1 Mile.  Heading Eastar’d the BDM began with last man performing 10 Merkins before sprinting to the head of the pack.  Established that we loosely know what the real Bataan Death March is.  Grunting, wheezing and whining ensued.  Arrived at Hill St, warmed up and relieved that it was over.

Beaufort Snakes (like bleacher snakes, but bigger and better) –

Heading West

LT Dan down Front St from Hill to Fulford.  20 Merkins.  Mosey around the block (Fulford – Ann – Gordon – Front).  25 Erkins and 25 Squats at Fisherman’s Park.  Moseyed to Live Oak then snaked around the block (Live Oak – Ann – Marsh).  20 Merkins then Air Press and mosey to the Ferry Dock.  25 Icey Dock Erkins and 20 Dips IC.  Moseyed to Queen and snaked around that block (Queen – Ann – Craven).  Back to the Dockhouse for Mary.


YHQ – 25 LBCs IC

Winnie – 20 Dying Cockroaches IC

Graco – 25 Box Cutters IC

Bunion – 25 Low sometimes too Slow Flutters IC

WIFI – 20 Boss Tweeds IC

YHQ took us out in a BOM.  Covered some ground this morning.  Felt a little Stampede-ish.  Totaled 3 miles.  Good work men.  It was a pleasure to lead, gentlemen.  Until next time.  Beaufort Rules.

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