• When: 04-15-19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench (Respect), Navy (Respect), Blart (Respect), Ricardo, Leprechaun, Plunger
  • AO: Back Blasts

The forecast was not good as YHC drifted off to sleep but with an HC from Navy & Dash 8 I wouldn’t be alone. The rains came early and often waking YHC from his slumber. I was glad to give the PAX the OK to wear their D shoes. Slack was checked and it looked like a cancelled for the Tablesetter. Splashed some water on face and sure enough. “CANCELLED”. Oh Well the Knarr will go on, think about it from the front of a ship. YHC arrived to find Blart and Monkey wrench already parked. We all know Monkey Wrench will tell us it never rains on an F3 workout. YHC decided to stay dry as long as could but Blart kept staring in my window, like a NYC bum who washed my window and wanted a quarter. 5 minutes to go and time to get out. The rain had let up and the PAX began to show up. I realized Navy was already out running in the rain. 3, 2, 1 As Dash 8 approached i noticed something different about him. Navy said he left him in the dryer to long and he shrunk into Leprechaun. The last set of headlights appeared and it was Plunger, like Mayonnaise from Officer and a Gentleman, he had no place to go. The role of Sgt Foley will be played by Ron burgundy. 3 F’s given, missions statement and disclaimer.


Mosey a lap around the parking lot and circle up for SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Windmills x 10. Another lap around the parking lot and circle up for Cotton Pickers x 10, Hillbillies, with a reminder from Blart same side and then some stretching.


Line up at one end of the parking lot for Donkey Kicks up and back, Karaoke up and back switching half way and High Knees up and back. Mosey to the picnic tables for Aching Legs 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges and 20 Mike Tyson’s IC done with no rest, Rinse and repeat. Mosey to the tennis courts for some Agassi’s. (Suicides on the tennis court) touching every line. Blart reminded the PAX that he was doing them correctly and he was the only one touching the line with his hand. He was must be a fan of coach Carter. Long before he was coaching a team of Avengers, Samuel L Jackson, was teaching an inner city school basketball, without saying Mother F#@&@$. 2 rounds of Agassi. Mosey back to the parking lot for Curbside Bear Crawl. PAX would start at one curb bear crawl across the parking lot to the other curb, do 5 derkins and bear crawl back, Reverse plank until the Q called time and another round of Curbside Bear Crawls followed by the reverse plank. Back to the picnic tables for a round of Table Top Earkins with Navy’s Twist. 10 steps to the amphitheatre for Peoples Chair x 10 each man and Chicken Peckers IC x 10…look it up, not sure the PAX believed me either. Rinse and repeat. YHC decide the only way to get better at doing something is to do more of it. Thanks to Monkey Wrench for leading round two. He was doing chicken peckers way before he knew what they were. I might just go with pecker as a name from now on. Back to the tables for one last round of Aching legs and quickly to the tennis courts for a round of Agassi. I think the PAX really loved it….get it? Mosey to the flag.


Before YHC could get to it there was a request for fallen brothers at the Table Setter, Navy asked for 5 burpees in their honor. Granted. Next exercise American Hammer, this when I lost Plunger’s respect. He informed me that I had done good up until that point but now he was going to have to use his towel. Am Ham x 20, Boat and Canoe until hard stop.


There is a lot of stuff going on in our PAX, illness, recovery, parents getting older, kids getting married, our own marriages. We never have to face it alone. God is there and waiting for us to talk to him and ask for his guidance. I still struggle with letting go and letting God drive but I want control. We are all a work in progress. Thanks Monkey Wrench for taking us out with a great Monday morning prayer.

7 strong showed today when it was very easy to stay inside like Au Jus. Thank you gents for showing up. Many AO’s are looking for someone to turn the keys over too. A year might seem like a long time to be a site Q but remember this. There were site Q’s doing this long before I joined and they will continue after. It is your opportunity to step up and give back. You can do it, plus it is a great way to learn how to EH your fellow PAX.

YHC-Ron Burgundy

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