• When: 2/27/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Flipova
  • PAX: Gertrude, WiFi, jigawatt, Bunion, twitty, Phelps, Puddles, Boss Tweed (respect, respect) Graco
  • AO: Beaufort, Clam Digger

YHC was putting on his shoes when a text from Whinnie came through at 5:12 that he would not make it due to a transformer blowing in his neighborhood. I am not sure how the text went through but his truck wouldn’t run……👀👀👀….YHC was more than happy to step in and  was off to see if we could get double digits. To my surprise we had 9 and Bunion rolled in to make 10 even without the Q and he began the mission statement but he was quickly informed who took the Q and he was allowed to finish the disclaimer and mission statement. We were off to the cutting boar for warmarama.

SSH x 25 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

hillbillies x 10 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

sun gods x 10 IC each direction

we went over to the picnic tables for urkins x 10 IC on top of table and 10 IC on seat of table   We moseyed to the first citizens bank for the Thang. Four corners with partner one completing 10 Merkins at corner 1, corner 2: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, corner 3: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 5 Burpees, corner 4: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 5 Burpees, 25 Monkey Humpers IC

Partner 2 was completing 50 LBC SC, Plank hold 10 count each, 15 Parker Peters IC, v-sits x 10 SC, al gore until partner 1 finished (switch and repeat)

Round 2: Partner 1 corner 1: 10 diamond Merkins SC, corner 2: 10 diamond Merkins, 20 alternates lunge IC, corner 3: 10 diamond Merkins, 20 alternate lunges IC, 15 plank jacks, corner 4: 10 diamond Merkins, 20 alternate lunges IC, 15 plank jacks, 10 body builders.

parnter 2: 75 LBC sc, plank hold 20 seconds switching to chill cut every other person, ski jumps x 20 IC, v-sits x 20 SC, al gore until Partner 1 was finished. ( switch and repeat)

moseyed down the dock to the long bench for 10 Dips IC, single leg dip hold x 5 count each person, then switch legs and 5 count back. Urkin ladder x 10 SC on top of bench, 10 on seat, 10 Merkins. 10 little baby derkin, was feet back x 10 derkins feet on bench, walk feet back to top of bench x 10 SC urkins. We quickly moseyed back to the dockhouse for two exercises of Mary

Gert called out 3 Burpees for Whinnie not making it, LSF x 25 IC , X’s and O’s

Bunion took us out in BOM. It was another great day in Beaudort.

Until next time….



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