When YHC alarm went of this morning I checked the weather report looking for the temperature. I was not excited to once again see weather that would require man tights. YHC arrived at the AO of the college and greeted the other pax as they arrived and started stretching in anticipation of the upcoming journey. As the clock struck hard start YHC recited the distances to the pax and called for our journey to begin. With Jang out of town, Friday was proclaimed no disclaimer or purpose necessary day seeing how there were no FNGs. All pax was headed towards the bridge with Knotty Head breaking away with a pace that only he can do . As we reached the bridge and headed over towards the beach. Madoff, Au Jus, Ramses and YHC were pacing together. We were on the hunt for 5 miles this morning. We crossed over the bridge and went down the causeway and turned to return to the flag. All pax returned safely. The mileage completed was …

Knotty Head – 6 miles

Au Jus, Madoff, Ramses, Crabby Englishman – 5 miles

Big Mic, Bayliner – 3 miles

Announcements- Au Jus is officially moving to Morehead, Hero Patriot and FOD on Saturday.

Prayer Concerns- Au Jus and his family as they move to Morehead. Ramses took us out in prayer.

It is always an honor to lead.

Crabby Englishman out

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