• When: 04/20/2018
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Maytag
  • PAX: Couch Potato (Respect), Navy (Respect), Putin, Cooter, JWOW, Ladybug, Griswold, Willow, Maytag, Buoy
  • AO: Back Blasts

I rolled in super hot to the Green Mile on Monday morning to find 7 faithful PAX ready to tackle THE Green Mile.

I rattled off a nearly perfect mission statement and then gave the PAX directions on which way we were heading.  I was rudely interrupted by CouchPotato as he advised a different route.  I agreed and off we went.   JWOW and Putin put on a good showing.  They disappeared into the gloom not to be seen again until the COT.  Yes, I wrote JWOW.

Really impressed with the PAX on that Monday.  Good effort by all.  Some really good 2nd F during the run as well.

On the way back Navy put the hammer down heading to the barn.  Cooter was challenged to catch him with a 200 yard head start.  He took off and caught him….nice work Cooter.  Griswold and Willow walked both of them down with a steady pace.  Couch Potato and I made our way to the finish with a decent pace.  We looked around and didn’t see Ladybug, JWOW or Putin.  A search party was sent out led by Willow in her orange vest.  It was like hearding cats.  People showed up at 6:15 from all different directions thanks to the new route suggested by CouchPotato.  Ladybug had a good pace with his Ruck sack on and I have no idea how far JWOW and Putin ran…someone said Atlantic Beach?  Yes, I wrote JWOW.

COT was held after we finally got JWOW to stop talking… Yes, I wrote JWOW….with announcements, prayers for JWOW and Ladybug’s wallets as they are going to Disney World for a couple weeks.

A great prayer was led by Cooter.

Enjoyed it boys.  Great way to start the week.


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