A few weeks ago, YHC put out on Slack the he was looking for q’s for the upcoming months for Band of Brothers.  BigMic was the first to respond to the post followed by other members of the PAX.  I accepted his request to q and put him on the list.  As the weekend rolled around, I decided to message the man who sells chicken to all of Morehead and surrounding areas to make sure he was still good and I was greeted with the sounds of crickets.  Nothing from BigMic was a notification of simply “Be Prepared To Lead”.

As I rounded the corner by Olympus Dive, I began to finalize my plan of attack.  Flag planted, and warnings of 3, 2, and 1 were announced.  Mission statement and disclaimer were given and we were off on a short mosey alongside the setters to Jaycee Park for:

Warmarama (Au Jus lead, I don’t think he knew we were there)


Sun Gods

Cotton Pickers


Willie Mays Hayes

Short mosey back to the cutting board for what would be:

The Thang

Three rounds of the following exercises with 15 reps each:

Curls R/L

Upright Rows

Shoulder Press R/L

Standing Row

Chest Press


Each round was followed by a short mosey to the Gulf Dock Store and back.

After our three rounds, we made quick work of the picnic tables with the following taking place.

Three rounds of each exercise with decreasing reps of 15, 10, and 5




One more quick mosey and circle up for an extended version of:


LBC’s x 2

Box Cutters x 25

American Hammer x 15 (DanceHall)

LSF’s x 15 (Reef)

Dying Cockroach x 15 (Bluecross)

A little stretching before Hard Stop

Announcements and prayer request were made.  We continue to uplift our brother Lassie and his 2.0 after their vehicle accident they were in.  YHC took the group out in prayer.

Although it wasn’t my day to lead, it felt good to do so.  I am reminded by everyday how we need to be ready at a moments notice.  Thanks to the men who beat the fartsack to make themselves better by joining me ITG.  You guys are the reason I was a better person today.

Until we meet again……




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