Time slips away on all of us.  Sometimes you look back at your day and say “Where did it go, what did I accomplish today?”  Do yourself a favor, do a time study of your day.  I promise you will learn where you can become a greater HIM and where you have wasted one of your most precious limited resources, the 1440 minutes of your day.

YHC arrived 10 min early to the AO to find Tony Romo’s empty truck in the lot.  He and Purplerain out on their standard getting warmed up. A quick walk around to solidify my plan and back to the gathering PAX.  2 minute, 1 minute warning.  Delivery of a flawless mission statement and brief explanation of the work out.  1 full minute of exercise followed by 30 seconds of mosey, no stops for the workout.  This is your workout, AMRAP, you push as hard as you want, the PAX will stay together.


Side straddle hops, Abe Vigodas, Right over left stretch, Left over right stretch.  Mosey across the street through the lot and back across to the back lot of CCBC covered entryway.

The Thang, one minute AMRAP of:

Hand release merkins, Burpee’s, Diamond merkins, Air presses, LBC’s, Plank punches, Jump squats, Monkee humpers, Imperial walkers, Box cutters, Alternating lunges, Peoples chair, 4×4’s, B-T-W, Dips, Irkins, Alternating shoulder taps, Chilcutt planks.  All with the 30 second mosey in between.

Back the the Virtual Flag planted by Purplerain. Hard stop 615. Namarama, Announcements, Prayer requests, Laettner took us out with a great prayer.

Putin will be VQIC at the Rolling Stone this Thursday.  It would be great for him to have your support in posting.

Thanks for letting me lead Purplerain, always a pleasure to be out with the PAX.



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