This will be short but sweet.

Thanks to Monkey Wrench, Pocahontas, SpongeBob, Buckeye and Madoff for making my VQ go smoothly, more or less, and a special node to Monkey Wrench from whom I stole most of this workout done last September.

Still learning the Exicon, as well as how to ‘count’…

Started with a Warmorama at the Tree of Life:
SSH x 15, CP x 15, SG x 15 (forward, then backward), Right over Left, reverse.

Then an Aerobic set at the Basketball Court
“Figure Eights”
Starting on front baseline
Side step to front left corner
Sprint to left side midcourt
Side step right side midcourt
Sprint to back right corner
Side step to back left corner
Back pedal to left side midcourt
Side step right side midcourt
Back pedal to front right corner
Repeat x 5 reps **Somewhere in there it started raining briefly, out of NO WHERE – a nice refreshing breeze**

Then bear crawl, or some facsimile, tracing the same route
1 rep was plenty

Mosy to the Picnic Tables for a “Shoulder set”
Dips, Urkins, Durkins, Step Ups (DUDS)
x15, x15, x10, x15 – repeated x5 (Urkin/Durkin reps dropped a bit as we progressed through the sets)

Mosy to the Tree of Life for a “Quad Set”
Squat Hold (countorama 5 count) x 5
Forward lunges half way around the Tree. Gave everyone a break, plan was all the way around.
Squat Hold (countorama 5 count) x 5

Mosy back to the Flag (hypothetical) for a “Plank Set”
Regular Plank (countorama 5 count)
Plank Jack x 20
Shoulder Taps x 20
Peter Parker x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20

Mary for an “Ab Set”
American Hammer x 20
Low Slow Flutter x 20
Hello Dolly x 20
Boss Tweed x 20 (PAX Choice)
WW1 x 20 (PAX Choice)

Hard Stop right on the dot!

Announcements, Prayers and we rolled out.

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