• When: 7/27/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Maytag
  • PAX: Navy (respect), Pillbox (respect), Purple Rain, Snooki, Fungo, Half Time, Buttoncap, Griswold, Dollywood, Dumpster Dawg, Maytag
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC was pumped to get to Q The Mullet Wrapper in only it’s second week of existence.  The West had been drawing really low #’s for a couple weeks so I did some recruiting the night before.  I prodded Dollywood, Buttoncap and Couchpotato to all clown car to the workout.  I got HC’s from all of them so I knew I wouldn’t be by myself.  Based off past history, I knew Buttoncap would be a wildcard to show but he was at my doorstep waiting in eager anticipation of the workout.  Dollywood made it without me having to knock on his door and we were off….(Couchpotato was a no show).  I think he borrowed Laettner’s watch for an alarm clock.  Purplerain was already there getting in a standard as we arrived.  (I am going to teach him not to do a standard before my workouts.)  As time rolled to the hardstart a group of 11 were assembled ready to listen to a nearly perfect mission statement given in a southern draw.


Mosey to the field to look for fire ants…




Cotton Pickers IC 20

Windmill IC 20

Sun God IC 20/Reverse

R/L & L/R 10 count



Mosey to the corner of the field for 4 corners.

Mtn Climbers IC X 15

Merkins Down X 15

Air Press IC X 15

Repeat for all 4 corners with a mosey in between.


Mosey to the padded section of the playground.  Navy acted like he had never seen a merry go round so he got on it for a little warm up.


Sally Up Sally Down

Listen to the Sally up Sally Down song.  Sally up…legs in the air at a 90 degree…Sally down in a holding position 6 inches off the ground…Snooki and Pillbox were debating how long 6 inches really was.


Time for a little 777

Complete the following exercises at each cone.

Merkins X 5

Squats X 5

Burpees X 3



Fungo, Griswold and Dollywood put the hammer down on the suicides.


Sally Up Sally Down

This one was not nearly as fun as the first one.



Complete the following exercises at each cone.

Merkins X 5

Squats X 5

Burpees X 3




Mosey to the flags with one minute to spare.


Dying cockroaches for a minute which led to a hard stop.


Announcements and Prayer Requests

Purplerain led us out in a great prayer.

Thanks for giving me the nod purplerain.



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