YHC had purposely scheduled himself for a Q as I knew I would be getting back from vacation and add the holidays on top of it I knew what would happen.  The fartsack monster would be alive if I did not have something forcing me to get up.  So Q it is and I needed this motivation to get me going.  I knew many of my brothers were out of town and many were just being lazy but I was going to show even if I was by myself.

Never fear as Princess came flying in hot.  So off we went.  Did a rack and stack four corners, lunging from corner to corner.  Two rounds so was pretty beat and took a lot of time.  Went to the shelter for a routine of Dips, Irkins, LBCs, added on some dirkins and bench/curb merkins.  In total we did 280 merkins, Whoa! That will get you back in action.

MOLESKIN: Our first thought this morning was disappointment at not only our numbers today but all week and that could have been discouraging to us.  I remembered Matthew 18 where it says “Where 2 or more gather in my name I am there”.  It brought up my spirits and made me realize that I had an opportunity to get to know Princess better.  It was really awesome to get to know more about him and his family.  He is a strong man with a Character that I am proud to say is apart of F3.  It made me realize what God is concerned about.  He wants relationships and that is true whether there are 2 of us at a workout or 22.  If your relationships are true and meaningful that is building each other towards being better men.  Remember that our workouts are a tool to reach out to men and a tool to give us an excuse to spend time with each other.  Thanks Princess for reminding me why we do this and that while we get excited about numbers and push for big numbers it is not the goal.  The goal is to grow better together even if that number is 2.

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