It was another glorious Carterico morning as YHC rolled into the CCBC parking lot. There had been some debate as to whether or not we should have the Boonedocks this morning or do a convergence with Anchor B for Pedro’s 70th birthday Q. Fearing that we would not have many Pax from the West able to make the trip due to time constraints, we decided it was best to keep the Boonedocks as scheduled. I think we made the right choice as 10 strong men (including one FNG) beat the fartsack to better themselves today. YHC showed up a few minutes early to count some parking lot lines and as I circled the lot, Purplerain came rolling in. He proudly posted the F3 Cape Fear ghost flag alongside his AO shovel flag. It looked nice waving in the cool breeze of the Carterico gloom. YHC anticipates we may be seeing some Cape Fear pax in the near future to reclaim it. The Pax continued rolling in and 3, 2, and 1 minute warnings were given. F3 definition and mission statement were given and we headed off on a short mosey to get the blood flowing. As we circled the parking lot and headed back towards the shovel flags we spotted couch potato strolling up from his standard run from his house. Then out of the gloom appeared an FNG. Quick intros were given and we did a couple Burpees for the late arrivals. Then it was time for

Good mornings x 20 ic
Hillbillies x 20 ic
Windmills x 10 ic
Chinooks x 10 ic forward and reverse
Short mosey to the adjacent parking lot for

The Thang
YHC talked briefly to the Pax about Pedro’s 70th birthday Q that was taking place in MHC during our workout (RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT). Since we couldn’t be there in person, I decided we would honor him with our workout from The Boonedocks. 70 would be the theme for today.

We lined up at the end of a row of 10 parking spaces. The following excercises would be performed. 7 at each line for 70 total
1. Merkins w/ bear crawls from line-to-line
2. Squats w/ back pedal from line-to-line
3. Groiners w/ lunges
4. Monkey humpers w/ back pedal
5. Plank jacks w/lunges
6. Alternating shoulder taps w/ back pedal
7. Lbc’s w/ bear crawl
8. Bobby Hurley’s w/ back pedal

From here we moseyed back to the church to the front grassy area for a

Merkin wave
Pax circled up and we did a Merkin wave starting at one and increasing by one each round to seven, so that 70 Merkins were performed by the pax as a group on the last cycle.

Next we lined up along the side of the building for some

Balls to the Wall
Each pax did a 7 count for a total count of 70

People’s chair with overhead clap
YHC called the overhead clap to serve as the timer for our people’s chair
Overhead clap x 35 ic (70 total)

We moseyed back over to the shovel flags for a quick round of

YHC called on some of the Pax for a couple excercises
Sparkles – Dying cockroaches
Purplerain – Box cutters

Hard stop 6:15

We had an FNG, Will Ashby, who hails originally from the Mt Airy area, so after a few suggestions, “Aunt Bea” was chosen for his new name. Welcome Aunt Bea!

The west side Pax are having a family Christmas gathering at the home of Couch potato on Sunday the 17th at 4:00. All F3 Cartericans are welcome. RSVP to Purplerain if you plan to attend.

Prayer requests were given for Snookie and his M as her treatments continue. Donations for the home she is staying at during her treatments can be brought to FOD on Saturday or to the Christmas party Sunday afternoon. Laettner took us out in prayer.

I’m continually blessed by this thing called F3 and I’m grateful for each of you fine gentlemen.





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