• When: 02/15/19
  • Workout Style: BootCamp
  • QIC: CouchPotato
  • PAX: Princess, PurpleRain, TonyRomo, Cheech, Navy [respect], PillBox [respect], HalfTime, DumpsterDawg [siteQ], CouchPotato [respect, QIC]
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

The Mullet Wrapper site was dryer than expected, and DumpsterDawg showed up, all my plans were coming together. The PAX started with – SunGods with a squat, cute idea but hard to stay in cadence, Mosey to the back 40… Curiosity was high, YHC just had to try Snookie’s latest, the NO ARM BURPEE. I’ve gotten quite used to being humbled in life, seems like once a day lately, but in the first 3 mins of a Q was not a good idea. YHC had a tough time getting up, pushed through it and decided we [YHC mostly] needed some ab work. Circled up for – WW1’s, LBC’s IC, Squats IC, ATM’s, 25 each then mosey ’round the corner, rinse and repeat x 2.

To the Pavilion for uneven merkins – one arm on the ground, the other on a bench to stretch the shoulders out a bit. Dips, Box Jumps, rinse and repeat. Mosey to the tennis courts but not for tennis. Lizard Crawls, Broad Jumps [or PR bunny hops] Lunges, Bear Crawls, BTTW, Wall worms, Peoples ChAirPress with 10 count… back to Pavilion to rinse and repeat. One more circuit on the tennis court then circle up for 15 mins of MARY!

PAX Choice after they earn it with a round of the Wheel of Fortune [aka AB ROLLER], much modifying but I’m sure we’ll get better with the roller since I have 3 Q’s in the next week.

Thanks for the keys Dawg! Great to meet HalfTime and EH him into a split Q at the FOD tomorrow! Many prayers for the brothers, M’s, family members and special intentions. Thanks for the push gents, SYITG!


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