• When: 05/11/18
  • Workout Style: RUCK
  • PAX: Wilson, Villa (Respect), Sniffer (Respect), Holiday Mansion, Blue Cross
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC decided that we would get back to basics on our ruck. We would do a standard ruck with no frills to get them ready for the New York Ruck. The Stampede had moved East so we took over the college on our own. YHC rolled up to find the PAX ready to go. Countdown was given as we waited for some of the regulars 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…lets ruck.  6 strong were moving on down the road. The 3 F’s, mission statement and 5 core principles were given on the move to maximize our time. The smell of the dead oyster shells wasn’t as pungent as I remember in the past and the Welcome Center is now open for the public and meth heads, bathroom only. We covered many topics about rucking along the way. The differences between ruck sacks, plates versus weights and the New York Ruck. We talked Family, life, kids and every one’s favorite nemesis. The 2nd F was in full effect for the men. Blue Cross pointed out that the workouts are always good but it is the comradery that brings most men back. Aye!. We made it to Shevan’s Park with some squats along way to fix the gap and turned around to head home. Holiday Mansion being the all around good guy stopped to pick up some roofing nails out of the road. We weren’t sure if they were a trap from Pasqually’s crew. PAX hit the college at 6:30 for a hard stop.


Wrestling Fundraiser at Glad Tidings tomorrow at 7am, baked goods, yard sale and car wash. You can make a donation, for a good cause. Convergence for Hero and Slick Cam at the Dunes Club. Do they let people like me on the property? Field of dreams has Maytag doing his one year anniversary.

Prayers for Villa and his family

Always a pleasure to lead. OK, more like tell people where to meet and let them go. Enjoyable as always.

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