• When: 03/01/18
  • Workout Style: Exploring
  • QIC: Pasqually
  • PAX: Sparkles, Snookie, Griswold. PurpleRain, Kiwi, Pasqually
  • AO: Back Blasts

Well, the Q arrived 10 minutes early excited to be there and as the PAX arrived. The Q decide to get out and ready. Starting off with Locking keys and cell phone in the truck he knew it would be a great morning.


With a hard start given by Griswold, because the Q also left his watch in the truck.  The mosey began with mission statement given on the move. Flawless it was.

Mosey around the Croatan Hign school a rolling wararama was performed with stopping 3 or maybe 4 times.

The thang began somewhere around the bogue sound elementary school with the discovery of a fenced in Beach volleyball court. There perform was some bear crawls and squats around the courts.

Then off to mosey looking for more new ground The chain link fence was hurdled by some PAX thru the grassy fields until crossing the creek almost took out The Q and Griswold. While looking for the track a football field was discovered and Inchworm broad jump burpees across the field were done.

Moseyed again and off to the bleachers for some kind of bleacher merkin spider thing, followed by Derkins and Urkins. Rinse and repeat

Moseyed off to the track for some track work and this became a lap around the track, finding the block building for some BTW and wall squats.

Mosey off to the flag and a few minutes off mary was done.

LBC, Low slow flutters, dying cockroach, and some form of American hammers

ANoucments and pray requst were few.

Kiwi took us Out

Then the fun began as Griwwold , Snookine and Purple rain tried to help the Q firguer out how to get in his truck

Thanks Snookie for trying,

Thanks to Purplerain fro taking YHC to his home, making YHC breakfast, fresh shower, clean clot. Then off to take his 2.0 to school with morning prayer time. It was a blessing and truly appreciated and YHC is honored to have been a part of the Purplerain family for the mornings. That is what the Fellowship of F3 is all about.

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