YHC arrived at the AO with a truck bed full of sand filled ammo cans ready to make the pax get a little stronger. Dash 8 was already there getting pumped up and Kiwi rolled up just in time for a disclaimer and welcome. With music playing from the tailgate we had a little warmarama, to loosen up the shoulders and get the chill out of the air.

Sungods, SSHs, Cotton pickers, Chinooks, Planks and Merkins set the stage and got the blood moving. Each man picked a pair of ammo cans and assumed the position for a circuit.

Front raises x 20, Overhead tricep extensions, squat/press, two legged deadlift and one legged deadlifts, rows, merkins and plank jacks completed the circuit. Followed up by a lunge fest across the parking lot and back. Repeato the circuit more or less and complete the ammo can lunge walk to complete round two.

Mary consisted of more merkins and peter parkers. Amen

Announcements were made including Kiwi’s half marathon in Kinston Saturday morning. Poor fella

Standing BOM.


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