• When: 04/11/18
  • Workout Style: Kettlebells
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Birdman, Blart (Respect), Ron Burgundy (Respect), Bambard, Denver, Pocahontas, Wilson, Immigrant, Blue Cross
  • AO: Back Blasts, Tinkerbells

It was a little late as YHC was putting the final touches on the Tinkerbell workout for the next day.  I took a last look at Slack to see if there was any good mumblechatter before settling in for the night when I see a message from @ronburgundy asking if I’m interested in a standard tomorrow.  I was planning on sleeping a little later but how can you turn down a Respect Brother?  OK, I’m in.  As we’re finishing up a 2.04 mile jaunt around the newly renovated links, at a pretty respectable pace I might add, the Pax begins rolling in.  The countdown was given and at the appointed time the introduction, disclaimer, and mission statement were delivered with that perfect Edgecombe County accent and we were off.


  • Mosey from the clubhouse to the cart shed and back.
  • Side Straddle Hops X 15 IC
  • Windmills X 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers X 15 IC
  • Sun Gods X 15 IC Forward / Reverse
  • Hillbillies X 15 IC
  • Right over Left / Left over Right


  • Curls X 15 SC (Right / Left)
  • Shoulder Press X 15 SC (Right / Left)
  • One-arm Row X 15 SC (Right / Left)
  • Tricep Curl X 15 IC

Then YHC had the Pax line up single-file facing Country Club Rd.  We started off with an Indian Run while holding the bells over our heads.  At the country club sign we did an about face and did and Indian Walk (YHC Omaha’ed from a run to a walk for the remaining legs) while pressing the bells back to the starting point, aka the Death March.

  • Sumo Squat X 15 SC
  • Kettlebell Swing x 15 SC
  • Goblet Squat X 15 SC
  • Merkin X 15 SC

Repeat the Death March ending at the picnic shelter.

  • Dips X 15 SC
  • Derkins X 15 SC
  • Step Ups with the kettlebells X 10 (Right / Left)
  • Urkins X 15 SC

Mosey back to the clubhouse where we repeated the first round of exercises with 10 of each.


  • LBCs X 20 IC
  • American Hammers X 20 IC
  • Ronnie B led us in 1 minute of Protractor taking us to the hard stop.

The Pax joined up with the HINers who had just appeared out of the darkness for announcements and prayer concerns.  Prayers were requested for David Hessmer and the Pike family.  Big (Medium?) Mick led us in prayer.

It was my honor and privilege to lead a workout that I haven’t been to in a while and it was good to see Birdman, Blue Cross, and Bambard (Killer B’s?) getting back in the groove.  Don’t be strangers guys.

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